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Email Management with Upsurge CRM:

Upsurge CRM might not have a direct integration with Gmail. However, you can still use Upsurge CRM to enhance your communication and relationship management with email in the following ways:

Email Integration

While Upsurge CRM might not have a direct Gmail integration, you can manually link your email communication to contacts and interactions within Upsurge CRM.

A screen shot of the google analytics dashboard.
A screen shot of the rails dashboard.

Contact Sync

Import your Gmail contacts into Upsurge CRM. This allows you to manage your Gmail contacts within the CRM and keep track of your interactions.

Communication History

Document your email communications with contacts within Upsurge CRM. You can create notes or log emails as part of your contact’s history.

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Follow-Up Tasks

Use Upsurge CRM’s task management features to set reminders for follow-up emails, ensuring that your communication stays organized and timely.


Segment your contacts in Upsurge CRM based on various criteria, allowing you to tailor your communication to different groups.

A screen shot of the azure portal.
A screen shot of a dashboard with a blue background.


Utilize Upsurge CRM’s reporting and analytics tools to gain insights into your email communication patterns and engagement levels.

Document Storage

Store documents related to your email communication, such as attachments or proposals, within Upsurge CRM for easy access.

A screenshot of a sales funnel on a computer screen.

Remember that software offerings and integrations can change over time. For the latest information on whether Upsurge CRM has introduced any direct Gmail integration or additional email-related features, I recommend visiting the official Upsurge CRM website or contacting their support for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

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Daniel Roberts Business Owner

Using UpsurgeCRM with Gmail has improved our email communication. It ensures our team stays on top of client interactions and follows up effectively. It's a game-changer for email productivity.

Emily Turner Gmail User

UpsurgeCRM has seamlessly integrated with my Gmail, making email management a breeze. It helps me organize contacts, schedule emails, and prioritize tasks right from my inbox.

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